White Labradoodle Cushion


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A Labradoodle is at it’s happiest when in the company of those who love them the most.
With boundless energy and bags of affection, they make the most wonderful family pet for children and adults alike.
This gorgeous Labradoodle shaped cushion is made with a quality satin fabric to the front, allowing even the finest detail to be seen; from individual hairs to his kind, compelling face.
The cushion back is manufactured from a beautifully soft plush fabric, so as you run your hand over it, you sense you could be stroking your favourite pet!
To help maintain its shape, each cushion is filled with 100% virgin polyester and fully sealed.
Unique, beautiful and very huggable, Adorable Cushions® make the perfect gift for animal lovers all over.
Approximate size: H450mm x W360mm

Cushion Care

Our luxurious animal shaped cushions are manufactured from beautiful materials, with a high quality satin front, strokably soft plush fabric back and gorgeously plump fillings, all combining to make the most huggable cushions ever!

The front of the cushion has a vividly clear, lifelike image, which won’t fade or rub off and can be sponge cleaned or machine washed, they can even  be tumble dried and ironed.

For ease of postage our animal shaped cushions are vacuum packed, so when removed from the packaging they may look a little under nourished! However, with quick plump they will soon bounce into shape.

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